At Gothenburg's Preschool, we are proud of the work we do with our children.  In order for us to continue to lead the educational platform in Sweden, we work together with our teachers on developing new goals, units and educational programs that will help with your child's development everyday while they are with us.

Here are our 5 main concepts that we are proud to offer your child in their educational journey:



Our preschools are strategically located in the city of Gothenburg to allow the children easy access to our forests and ocean.  Our teachers will engage our children to have the understanding and respect for Mother Nature, which will help them learn about the opportunities that it can offer us for our future.  Our preschool has been awarded the Green Flag certification ( for the work we have implemented into our preschool program about taking care of our environment.


Science and Technology:


Knowledge and understanding of how things are created and how they work are key factors in our learning activities.  Our teachers will design programs that will help encage your child in creating, testing and innovating their ideas.  It is the individuals with the imagination and creativity that help us change the world.


Gender Equality:


We believe that every child has an equal opportunity to engage in all activities and experiences that will counteract the traditional norms of gender patterns and gender roles.  Girls and boys will have the same opportunities to develop and explore their abilities and interests without having limitations imposed by gender stereotypes.  All are equal at Gothenburg's Preschool.



 We, at Gothenburg's Preschool, feel that a country does not define who we are as a person, though a language is what connects us as a world.  Our teaching team will strive to work with each child's individual identity through language and incorporate that knowledge with everyday learning.



We strive to become a more ‘Democratic Preschool’ as a whole organization within our routines, our daily programs and daily structure with all individuals that attend our preschool.  By becoming a democratic preschool, the children will gain the following benefits:

Take ownership of their preschool life

Be able to make decisions

Become a team player in society

Allow to be heard, but also learning to listen to others

Gain empathy for their actions with others

Knowledge about their rights

Understanding how democracy affects society and how the world changes and evolves

Becoming a unit that respects our peers